Slinky recently joined the fight against discrimination in the workplace after being commissioned by the British Dietetics Association to produce a training video for their trade union delegate education program.

The video is a short drama centered around the fictional Winston Smith, a Dietician who is facing unfair dismissal on the grounds of both his race and sexual orientation thanks to his bigoted manager Ray Cyst, played by Coronation Street’s John Burton. The story started life as a paper-only case study at the BDA.

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Scott, Ryan and Steve filming DBA Video

Shot across two days, the majority of filming took place at Birmingham City University’s replica ward which was furnished to look like a functioning hospital, complete with a full compliment of staff and patients.

A large crew and cast of extras, many of whom were real BDA members and Dieticians, pulled out all the stops for the long but enjoyable shoot.

After a quick turnaround in post production the video has been shown nationwide across various BDA training seminars and has proved a huge success.

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“The finished article was very good, we’ve had a lot of reaction to it… as a really nice bespoke piece of work which we’re hoping to build on in the future, simply because it’s gone down so well with our delegates.”
Ron Banton, BDA