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YouTube is now receiving more than 1 billion unique visitors each month, the YouTube team have shared on their blog. This milestone is good news for more than 1 million content creators around the world who earn money from their videos, as well as the sites million plus advertisers who include all of the Ad Age Top 100 brands.

Gunnard Johnson, Google’s Advertising Research Director, offered an explanation of what is powering YouTube’s growth in a related story on the AdWords Agency Blog.

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“The way people consume content is changing… For the first time, an entire generation has grown up watching content on their own terms. This generation is defined by the Internet, mobile and social – consuming content when and where they want. Nielsen calls this group Generation C because they are not just defined by their age group, but by their connected behaviour.”

According to The Millennial Generation Research Review by the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Gen C is a very powerful demographic, as they are not only influential in creating cultural trends, but they influence $500 billion of spending in the U.S alone. Yet they are a hard to reach audience for brands, typically being light television users, instead consuming content, video and films across multiple screens.

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Source: Search Engine Watch