Accord Group – Annual Customer Report Video 2015

The Brief
Each year Accord produce an annual report that showcases customer opinions and feedback. Our challenge was to feature various sectors and staff members to help engage with customers and raise awareness of the business structure and organisation for the previous year.

Creative Treatment
By using drone footage of key sites, we were able to capture the extent of Accord’s business and the size of their operations. We focused on key interviews with staff and customers in order to align the two and bring together the thoughts and opinions of the business and it’s users.

The Outcome
The film was featured on the company website, shared across social media and we created a DVD for customer use. The film was well received across the organisation and was nominated for an industry award.

Client Feedback
Thank you for all your hard work and support during the planning and filming of the film, the end product is fantastic, we are all certainly very proud of it.
— Ashley Lovell, Customer Engagement Officer