Which is right for your project or budget . . .

A Videographer or a Production Company ?


It’s important for you to find the right video partner, so we’ve put this guide together to help you decide which type of partner is right for you, your project, your budget, and the production values that are most important to you.

This information is intended to be a respectful comparison between a ‘typical’ videographer (or a low market video company), and a video production company or agency such as Slinky Productions.

The information presented here is by no means definitive, but is a guide based upon our own experience, research and direct feedback from our clients and their own experiences.


Typical Videographer

Slinky Productions (Video Production Company)

Project Starting Price£500 - £1000Around £3.5k - £4k (ex VAT)
Production OfficeHome officeFully manned office 5 days per week. Clients invited for meetings and edit reviews
Filming Availability / FlexibilityFirst come first served bookingResources in-house to handle simultaneous shoots
Expertise / ExperienceOne person working across all production rolesA collaborative team of in-house specialist Producers, Directors, Camera Operators, Editors and Animators
Filming Day Booking-Guaranteed attendance (0% drop-out rate at Slinky)
CrewingUsually one person3 man crew (Producer/Director, Camera Operator, Camera Assistant) - resulting in better efficiency, speed and greater quantity of footage filmed
First Cut Edit DeliveryDependant on workload5-10 days
Edit Creative Input & ReviewSingle person/perspective sign-offEdits pass through multiple pairs of eyes, with multi-level creative review from Exec Producers and Directors
Edit Output Quality Control-A 21-point QC check on every video produced
Footage Storage & ArchivePortable hard drivesSecure edit server with local backup AND 24/7 offsite backup

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