The world of video production and television is vast and, like any industry, has its own set of unique processes, jargon and details.

We at Slinky Productions have created a thorough set of guides to help educate and inform about the intricacies of video production. Delving into some topics not widely covered online.

Production Process

Start here for a basic guide to the production process of a video project. The production process can be broken down into three steps: pre-production, production and post-production.

If you want even more details about the production process, see the expanded guides below:

7 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Video Partner

The old saying often goes “leave it to the professionals”. But, with just a little knowledge about the video industry, you can discover any red flags long before any commitments are made.

These are the seven questions you should ask your video partner.

Videographer Comparison, What’s the Difference?

Professional Video Companies and Videographers are often confused. Both have advantages and disadvantages – which are very important.

Check out our comparison table so you know you’re making the right decision for your next video project.

What Work Goes Into
Video Production

Here at Slinky, we put our all into your video production. Our in-house team is experienced in every step; from briefing and scripting, to filming and editing.

See how that time is utilised and what each step involves.

Maximise Your YouTube Presence

YouTube is the powerhouse of video sharing online. Everyone knows YouTube, and for good reason, as the platform sees millions of visitors daily.

To make full use of YouTube and utilise it for your business, Slinky has made an in-depth guide that talks you through maximising your YouTube presence.

If you have a goal to attract more viewers and potential customers to your channel, look no further.

Tips for Remote Video Recording

Working from home is vast becoming the norm for many businesses. Meaning we are seeing a rise of online calls and meetings, including video recording.

These are our tips on how to create a professional looking remote video recording from the comfort of home.

What is a Codec?

Codecs are a core part of the post-production workflow; and the word gets thrown around a lot in the media industry.

But very few really understand what a codec actually is. So, our guide will help you get equated with the basics of codecs and what they do.

Industry Interviews

Get some insight into video production and other creative sectors straight from the mouths of experienced industry experts.

Video Production Glossary

Know your Ingests from your B-Roll? Or your Dolly’s from your Jib’s?
Take a look at our most commonly used terms in video production.