Carbon Reduction Plan

Slinky Productions recognises the climate crisis and the serious issue that faces us and our planet. That’s why we are committed to achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

Our Vision and goals

As a company, Slinky Productions acknowledges the climate crisis and has committed to adding a green policy within the company. This policies aim is to highlight Slinky Productions commitment to achieving a reduction to its carbon footprint to Net Zero by 2050 in line with the UK governments Net Zero target.

We have educated our employees at basic level to make sure we all share the same goal, and have set out to capture a baseline emissions to outline what needs to be done. This helps to get all employees acknowledging the problem at hand and committing to try and reduce our own carbon footprint.

We are currently working to develop a full implementation plan to outline our largest contributors and finding solutions to help reach Net Zero ahead of 2050.

Once outlined, this will be reviewed annually and maintained to factor in an honest and open view of reaching our goal.

Company Green Policy

Below states Slinky Productions Green Policy which has been signed and agreed by the company and something we want to share with all current and future employees, clients, and third party organisations associated with Slinky Productions.

Slinky Productions LTD is an established and professional video production and film company. Producing carefully crafted business and corporate videos, films, promos, television commercials and broadcast programming for a wide range of clients nationwide – large and small.

Slinky Productions LTD recognise the ongoing and serious problem of the climate crisis, and the importance of the environmental impact it can have as well as our responsibility as a company to act in accordance to reduce and prevent where necessary. As a business we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment and climate.

In addition, as we are within a sector with a high carbon footprint, we will aim to share our Green Policy with all contractors, clients, and future employees.

To meet our values we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by 20% within 3 years from our current measured footprint of 37.5 tonnes of CO2e.

To achieve this goal we provide bespoke environmental guidance to our employees.

Specifically, our environmental objectives are to:

  1. Reduce our carbon footprint as a company by 5-8% this year.
  2. Implement, develop and continue a comprehensive waste management programme to increase our office recycling rate.
  3. Communicate with our employees what our targets are and encourage them to reduce their own impact on the environment through committing to their own reduction which will be reviewed and supported biannually.
  4. Work with our suppliers and freelancers to present our environmental actions and encourage their compliance with our environmental expectations.
  5. Work closely with our landlord to help reduce their energy usage and thus work towards our target.
  6. Work to carshare and reduce the number of vehicles used to get to and from ‘on location’ shoots.
  7. Work to continue reduce our electricity wastage by turning all electronics off within the office while not in use.

We have set out these objectives in our environmental action plan which is communicated to our staff, members and suppliers through use of our website. In addition, this policy is published and discussed with all future employees and is a part of our on-boarding process.

To ensure that we deliver great environmental results we have an assigned key member of staff who is carbon literate in association with ALBERT’s Carbon Literacy Programme. This employee is responsible for the implementation of our environmental action plan, and will continue to review, amend and support this policy as it evolves.

Scott Ledbury

Managing Director / Founder