Amtico – Click Smart Product Installation Video

The Brief
To create a high-end installation video to include on-screen text, 5 x 10 second 2D annotated animations and voiceover. Showcasing the benefits and features of the product, the video will show how to prep the product and area and how to install correctly and safely.

Creative Treatment
By using high-end 2D animation techniques, we aimed to create a bespoke set of annotated animations that provided a visual representation of the product make-up in order to showcase how Click-Smart is different from other brands on the market. Along with live action installation footage, we utilised the Amtico brand guidelines to develop a video that not only showcased a very strong branded product, but that also informed and demonstrated how to install safely and efficiently.

The Outcome
The final video was shared across social media, the company website and was also utilised in sales presentations across the UK.

Client Feedback
The video was used as supportive instore sales tool to educate customers of both the product and installation benefits of our new LVT range. The video was part of a promotional mechanism whereby it aided greater product awareness in a succinct and impactful way. The video has been positively received both from customers, retailers and internal sales colleagues. The guys at Slinky Productions were very easy and friendly to work with. Their approach to our project was very considered, thorough and professional. They were very supportive throughout the whole project and delivered a fantastic video which met our commercial objectives. It’s been lovely to work with you guys, thank you for your help with everything throughout the project.
— Nickyta Valambhia – National Residential Marketing Executive