Ishida – Weighing Solutions (Snacks Packing Medley)

Ishida has provided weighing and packing equipment for thousands of applications, in sectors ranging from fresh produce to hardware but mainly centred on the food industry.

Slinky Productions has been for many years, the main contractor for Ishida providing videos of their multihead weighers and state of the art food packaging and packing lines and processes.

Using specialist cameras and grip equipment including mini-jibs, track and dollies and mini-cameras to follow the food production line we have created many stunning “How it’s Made” style videos.

‘We are an international company that require video projects to be delivered to precise technical briefs. Slinky are now our ongoing video producers and also take care of our vast film archive. They have demonstrated a great understanding for our business and the target markets we communicate to. Highly recommended.’ — Torsten Giese, Marketing Manager (PR and Exhibitions) Ishida Europe

‘Slinky are great at what they do, we’ve used them for many years on multiple projects far and wide. They are easy to deal with, full of idea’s and always produce an excellent final result, they’ve never let us down.’ — Deborah Matthews, Ishida