Kettler – Ezra Corner Set Promo

The Brief
To produce a series of high-end and glossy product videos for Kettler’s luxury outdoor furniture range. To be featured on the John Lewis website and that could also be utilised across social channels.

Creative Treatment
Following a pre-production meeting with the client, we decided to location scout a large house for the filming and to acquire an “actor family” and older couple that would feature in the content. We utilised some flying shots and a jib crane to offer substantial movement that would be emphasised with motion text graphics.

The Outcome
The content was featured on the John Lewis website and Kettler gained huge social media interest by rolling the films out across their website and channels.

Client Feedback
Slinky’s hard working and skilled team were a pleasure to work with on our product videos. Communication was excellent from pre to post production. The process was a pleasure to go on with your very skilled team. We are pleased with how the videos came out. — Paul Stears, Marketing Manager