Latham’s Steel Security Doorsets – Company Promo

The Brief
To create a series of 35+ product video deliverables (including How To’s, promos and demonstrations) to showcase the products via the website and social media.

Creative Treatment
It was decided that a large space was required for filming, so (with the client) we arranged for the building of a large wall that would house the doors and allow us to access the various shooting angles. We utilised jib cranes and specialist camera rigs to create a sense of space and fluid movement throughout the content.

The Outcome
We delivered over 35 deliverables and the client was “astounded” by the results. The content was shared across social media, the website and through sales functions.

Client Feedback
“Still astounded at the attention to detail that Slinky went to, to ensure our videos were as professional as possible. Absolutely chuffed with the end results and I look forward to the business’ next requirement for video production. Very patient throughout the filming process, even in a -2 degree warehouse! Thanks again.”
— Latham’s Steel Doors