Rant & Rave – Sage UK Case Study

The Brief
A client case study with Sage UK that demonstrated the relationship with Rant & Rave as well as the use of the software across the business. Including key interviews with Sage UK staff to showcase Rant & Rave and how the software helps the organisation.

The Outcome
The film hit the brief and has been featured in social campaigns, across the web and through universal sales channels.

Creative Treatment
Filming at the Sage UK HQ in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, we utilised the fantastic offices to create an engaging and visually attractive backdrop for the interview and cutaway footage. The idea behind the film was to create an interview-led narrative that told a story about the relationship between Rant & Rave and Sage UK and how the software aids the business. We did this by making the interviews as natural as possible in a conversational style.