Scott Ledbury

Managing Director

Exec. Producer  /  Co-founder

After six years of ´messing around´ at Media College, Scott’s first graduate step on the career ladder was making tea at the BBC. He soon started working on a variety of daytime programmes for BBC1 and ITV.

Scott then moved to a Sutton Coldfield based production company, climbing the ranks to become Staff Director and Live Show-caller on many productions with the likes of Ricky Gervais, Cliff Richard, Bruce Forsyth and the legendary Timmy Mallet! – in addition to having the pleasure of filming at venues ranging from Abbey Road to 10 Downing Street.

These days Scott can be found leading Slinky company strategies, and Producing and Directing a diverse range of video content for Slinky… and occasionally still makes the tea!  He also enthusiastically hosts Backlight, the Video & Digital Marketing Podcast.

Scott is member of The Directors Guild of Great Britain, and an Apple Certified Video Editor.

John Brown Jnr

Exec. Producer / Director

Following a 3 year party at the University of Lincoln, John spent a year or so at a Video and Events agency in the West Midlands, before finding his way through the smoke to “that London”.

John spent a few years at a couple of media agencies before joining BBC Worldwide as Video and DVD Producer/Editor creating content for shows such as Little Britain, Mad Dogs, Doctor Who and Being Human. After 7 years he returned to the West Midlands to work for national vet charity PDSA as their in-house Video Producer.

John has gone full circle and is now back in the West Midlands and can be found heading-up the production team, driving company strategy and directing various content for our awesome clients!

Tim Meakin

Camera Operator / Editor

Tim created a movie trailer during his A-Levels which sparked his interest in filmmaking and led him on to a BA in Film and Television Production at Buckinghamshire New University, where amongst other projects he produced two promotional videos for Age UK.

Just after graduating in 2013 he joined national charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People as their in-house Video Content Producer, shooting and editing a huge variety of video projects including documentary-style case studies, studio-based educational videos, and short video content for social media working with various TV presenters and celebrities… and lots of puppies!

In March 2017 Tim started working closer to home in the West Midlands as a freelance videographer and editor on a range of corporate video and TV productions. At Slinky his time is spent honing his craft both behind the camera and in the edit suite, drawing on his passion for storytelling to create a fluent narrative on any given project.

Ryan Cox

Motion Graphics Designer

Starting his Slinky life with a Media apprenticeship in 2013, Ryan now holds permanent place as Visual Designer. Specialising in the wizardry that is graphics, animation and image manipulation.

During his college years as a humble media student Ryan tried it all, pre-production to post. Working up the production chain, he eventually found his true calling in graphical design. Those discovered skills (developed through many hours of personal projects and pursuits) have now turned into confident ability.

At Slinky, Ryan’s time is dedicated to creating those graphical assets that give your project the presentation punch it needs. Ranging from simple name straps to fully-featured animation.

Harry Barden

Production Assistant

Mucking around with his skateboard crew every weekend, a young Harry decided it was time the world witness the radical manoeuvres they had to offer and thus, started to make short skate films for youtube. In hindsight, the manoeuvres weren’t all that radical and not many people saw them anyway. But this was not a complete waste of time, for he found a love for cameras and filming. This new found enjoyment led to his choosing a media production BTEC over A-Levels.

Now studying Film Production Technology at Staffordshire University, Harry has made kayaking films that streamed in global competitions and also brand videos for clothing companies at events such as the X-Games Norway.

At slinky he assists the team at all levels of production and closely guards a tub of vegan snacks.

Steve Mackie

Steve began his career in theatre with a long and notable spell working worldwide with West End / Broadway shows and also large-scale concerts.  Steve then joined Birmingham Royal Ballet as Deputy Head of Lighting for five successful years.

After leaving theatre, Steve co-founded Slinky Productions with Scott Ledbury, taking control of the office as Production Manager, but also serving as lighting expert for our many studio and live shoots.

In 2016, Steve decided to head back to his roots in the world of theatre, moving on from Slinky Productions.  Though Steve is no longer with Slinky day to day, he occasionally returns to consult for us on lighting and live event ventures.