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Backlight Podcast all about digital marketing and video by Slinky Productions.


Backlight is a new audio podcast from Slinky Productions for marketing people, video and film producers, and anyone who has an interest in applying media and digital marketing techniques to their own businesses or careers.

Each episode – hosted by Slinky founder Scott Ledbury – brings you a one-to-one interview with an industry expert from a variety of media, marketing and video production topics – to help you explore how to enrich your video content, and how to maximise distribution channels and audience reach.

Most episodes are around 10-30 mins duration (ideal for the commute!) and we plan to post around 1-2 new episodes each month – so subscribe to the podcast for FREE and get new episodes sent straight to your phone or computer.

Backlight (noun); Illumination from behind which helps to give depth to an image.

Scott Ledbury Slinky team photo
Backlight is Hosted by Slinky Founder and Managing Director, Scott Ledbury

Featured Episodes

Backlight Podcast - Episode 01 - Voice-over & Character Voices - With Voice Artist Marc Silk

Episode 01

Voice-over & Character Voices with Voice Artist Marc Silk

With the talented voice of Bob The Builder (USA), Johnny Bravo and Scooby-Doo!

Backlight Podcast - Episode 08 - Writing for Film and TV - With William Gallagher

Episode 08

Writing For Film & TV with William Gallagher

William is a writer for Doctor Who and is a representative for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain.

Backlight Podcast - Episode 09 - TV Presenting and Interviewing - With Alison Hammond

Episode 09

TV Presenting & Interviewing with TV Presenter Alison Hammond

Star of ITV’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘This Morning’ programme.

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