Everyone is so busy these days. It’s therefore becoming increasingly difficult to first catch and then maintain their attention – particularly when it comes to marketing.

This issue is compounded by the fact that there is simply so much content vying for their attention. How do you make yourself herd? How do you ensure you have content on your website which isn’t going to be overlooked?

If you’re yet to use explainer videos on your website, you’re missing a trick. So, let’s get into why they could be they key to better engagement and more leads for your business.

What is an explainer video?

If you’re wondering what we’re referring to when we say ‘explainer video’, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s a marvellously simple concept.

An explainer video is simply a short (two minutes, max) piece of video content which tells the story of a product or service. This is usually achieved via an animation and voice over, but your explainer videos can also be ’to-camera’ pieces if you prefer.

Now we know what they are, let’s consider five reasons why you should add explainer videos to your website.

What is an explainer video?

1. They get to the point – quickly

No one is interested in content of any kind if it takes forever to get to the point. This is why explainer videos are so valuable; they don’t hang around and within seconds, give the viewer what they want.

There’s no quicker way to tell the story of a product or a specific feature.

2. They reveal a problem – and the solution

Marketing is simple. You need to present the problem you know your audience has and then reveal the perfect solution – which you can provide.

Explainer videos do this viscerally and require no more effort on your audience’s part than a couple of minutes of their time.

3. They work for both new and existing customers

Explainer videos typically have a long shelf life, not least because they’re just as relevant for existing customers as they are for new.

For instance, why not feature your latest explainer video on your monthly eNewsletter to clients? You’ll probably enjoy higher open and click rates as a result.

4. They help you develop a brand personality

One of the best things about explainer videos is that they enable you to develop a voice and personality for your brand.

This is what makes people remember you. It draws in an audience and keeps them there, and while it won’t happen overnight, the more explainer videos you produce, the more obvious the brand personality will be.

5. They don’t just have to be used on your website

Explainer videos can be used on social, email and pretty much any other kind of digital platform you can think of.

This means you can effortlessly repurpose them and gain maximum value over their lifetime.

Wrapping up

See? There really is no reason not to give explainer videos a try. They may require a fair bit of planning and a little bit of investment, but they’ll pay you back handsomely in website engagement and brand recognition.