Common Additional Requirements and Their Associated Costs

At Slinky, we always quote based on an initial discussion with the client to scope out what’s best for the project and/or budget, but we understand requirements can change along the way during production.

The majority of our productions get invoiced at the rate they are quoted, but it’s not uncommon for additional elements to be requested by clients due to a change in their requirements or an adjustment to the scope of their project downstream. 

We aim to be completely transparent with our production fees, so a link to this page is provided with all production quotes issued, as well as links to our general Terms of Service and Production Quote Terms. This page highlights and summarises some of those common client requests stated in those terms, and the costs associated with delivering this extra work. 


Video Re-mastering

Small changes to videos after sign-off

Once we have received full sign-off of a video in writing, we then start a process of a 21-stage QC check and the final rendering and file exporting. If even the smallest of changes is required after this point (such as a shot removal or caption change), then we need to do this whole process again in order to maintain our high standards of output. You can find out more about remastering and QC process here.

COST: £350 re-mastering fee per video file.

Footage / Project Files Supply

Supply of all raw footage (rushes) and/or supply of the edit/animation project files

Unless agreed in the original project brief, rushes (all filmed footage) and edit or animation project files are not supplied to clients as standard. 

COST OPTIONS: There are two options for providing footage and edit project files listed below. We normally transfer files via our FTP server (included in the cost), but if you require hard drive transfer, then the cost of the hard drive and postage is not included:-

1). Video footage / asset files supply only: £350.

2). Video footage / asset files supplied WITH edit and animation project files / edit timelines, including the transfer of Slinky’s intellectual property rights on the timeline sequences, in guidance with UK copyright law: £750.

Extra Rounds of Client Amends 

More than our standard budgeted allocation of 3 rounds of changes

As standard we allow for up to 3 rounds of client changes in the budgeted edit time, which for the majority of projects is sufficient. Typically this will consist of; Round 1 (major changes, structural, style) > Round 2 (minor tweaks) > Round 3 (final check and approval).

STARTING COST: £550 per day (depending on the complexity of the work).

Additional Versions of
Edits / Translated Versions

Variations of a video not agreed in the original spec

This can include subtitled or captioned versions, cut-down versions for social media, and language/translated versions.

STARTING COST: £550 per day for post production time, and possibly Producer fees (depending on the complexity of the work), plus any associated subtitling/translation fees if required.

Longer Duration Videos / Increased Complexity Of An Edit

A change in scope to the project or video deliverables initially agreed

Our quotes will always cover to complete the work to a very high standard with a suitable amount of revision time. These estimates are based on over 10 years experience of producing content, but we understand that changing factors can contribute to inflated editing time. Some of these common reasons include:-

  • Significant changes in brief or style
  • Script changes during editing
  • More general footage filmed than planned or expected
  • More interviews filmed than planned or expected
  • Additional layers of client sign-off required / multiple stakeholders (see section above around Client Amends)
  • The required duration of the video has increased

STARTING COST: £550 per day for post production time, and possibly Producer fees (depending on the complexity of the work).

* All costs stated are exclusive of VAT.