Production Quotes – Terms and Conditions


Please save/print a copy of these terms for your records.

The below Quotation Terms are also in addition to our General Terms Of Service.

A summary of possible additional production requirements and their associated costs (which are detailed in the terms on this page) can be found here.



PLEASE NOTE: These are our default standard Terms and Conditions for all issued quotations and project specs/proposals. These terms are in addition to any terms that are stated on individual quotes issued to you. Some terms issued on quotation documents may supersede those stated on this page.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss amendments or alternative agreements to these terms in order to be in line with your project or organisation’s own requirements.

In the case of draft quotations and first-issued quotations, the final project brief and spec is subject to final approval between Slinky Productions and the client.

Unless otherwise specified, quotes exclude:
– Motion Graphics / Animation.
– Voice-over or presenters.
– Any specialist camera rigs such as camera cranes or drones.
– Subtitles.

If production time spans more than 6 weeks from the point of project confirmation/the start of pre-production work, then we reserve the right to invoice all remaining amounts (of the agreed quote) from that 6 week point.

Clients are to supply initial question sets for any interviews. Slinky will then edit and advise on these.

Clients are to supply initial video or voiceover scripts. Slinky will then edit and advise on these.

Any overall discounts offered on quotes – and any other line discounts – are offered on the basis that the production is supplied as specified in this quote – including the quantity of videos specified in the deliverables as part of any ‘multi buy’ deal. Any discounts offered on ‘multi buy’ projects (where more than 1 video is produced as part of the same project) can be withdrawn if the project spec is later amended by the client and/or fewer videos are produced as a result.

BULK PRODUCTION DEALS / LONG TERM PROJECTS: A Purchase Order must be issued to Slinky (or formal agreement in writing) that will cover the duration of the project through to completion. If the client ‘abandons’ the project at any point mid-way through, then the full amount will be due – which is the bulk deal price that was guaranteed at the point of commissioning. If the project spans more than 6 weeks from the agreed completion date, then we reserve the right to issue all remaining invoices (payable within 30 days).

STANDARD PURCHASING CHARGE / PROCESS AND ADMINISTRATION FEE: A minimum 10% charge (of the purchase cost) will apply to production materials purchased directly by, and/or through Slinky. This includes all digital and physical materials, items and assets required for the production.

EDIT REVISIONS: Three rounds of agreeable edit revisions / sign-off (per video deliverable) are included in the stated edit/post production costing. Any further post production requirements outside of this contingency will be invoiced in addition at the normal day rate.

RE-MASTERING: Once complete video sign-off has been received from the client in writing and a final master file delivered, any changes to a video beyond that point will be subject to a £350 (ex VAT) re-mastering fee per video deliverable. This is to cover the costs of making minor amends, re-exporting the files and processing QC.

As standard, music licensed for your production will be for worldwide, in-perpetuity corporate and online use only. The standard license also includes usage in campaigns with up to £2000 media spend per single video across social media platforms (excluding promotion on YouTube; for example, pre-roll and mid-roll adverts). Broadcast TV, radio and other commercial uses (other than that stated above) will require an enhanced license. Contact us if you wish to extend the license(s) for these commercial/broadcast uses.

Voiceover and on-screen talent (including actors, presenters and models) licensed for your production will be for worldwide, in-perpetuity corporate and online use only (excluding online commercial use, for example, pre-roll advertising on YouTube, promoted content on social media or anything with media spend behind content that is hosted online etc.). This exclusion also includes broadcast TV and radio usage, or any other campaign with commercial media spend behind it. Contact us if you wish to extend the license(s) for these commercial/broadcast uses.

SLINKY PRODUCTION CREDIT :::: Unless you specify otherwise, it is standard procedure (especially on discounted productions) for us to include a small Slinky Productions text credit at the end of all videos. An example can be seen here.

Final video edit(s) will be delivered as video file(s) via internet transfer.