Landing pages are essential for pretty much all forms of digital marketing.

If you do a brilliant job at drawing your audience in, only to let them down by offering a call-to-action (CTA) which simply directs them to your home page, the campaign may as well have been left on the drawing board.

So, you need a landing page for your next campaign – we’ve got that straight. Here’s why it should absolutely, definitely, no-questions-asked, include some kind of video.

You should see a tangible boost in conversions

Some studies suggest that the inclusion of a product video on a landing page can increase the likelihood of people buying by 144%.

Now, clearly, that can’t be guaranteed, but it does once again prove that video is an incredibly ‘sticky’ form of content.

Just the mere presence of a video on your landing page will reduce the bounce rate, keep people engaged longer and, if you’ve got the video right, help you achieve far more conversions.

A video will help you build your brand recognition

These days, brand recognition really matters. And one of the best ways to increase the value, consistency and authority of your brand is to use video.

You can do this with traditional videos featuring human beings or via animation videos. Whatever format your video content takes, make sure it develops a voice and language that is your brand – no one else’s.

Promoting your brand in this way will ensure it sticks in the minds of your website visitors far more readily. The more you do it, the more they’ll recognise you, and the more likely they’ll be to part with their hard-earned money.

You’ll increase engagement

Engagement really is the holy grail in digital marketing. Achieving high levels of it means people are taking note of what you say. More importantly, it means they’re gradually building a layer of trust with your brand, and that’s the most powerful way to encourage a purchase.

Normal landing pages that feature text and images can be very engaging, but nothing beats the addition of a video.

You can probably relate to this yourself; if there’s a ‘play’ button on a web page, you’ll probably press it, and that means you’ll hang around for a lot longer.

Your audience will absorb the information far better

People are perfectly capable of absorbing information in written form, but you have just seconds online when it comes to keeping their attention.

With a video, people are more likely to be less overwhelmed with the information you’re presenting. Text, after all, can be a bit daunting when people are looking for an answer, quickly.

This is the beauty of video – it can tell a story in the most engaging way possible and, as a result, aid information retention. There are no long paragraphs to get your head around or endless bullet points to scour; the information is there and immediately digestible.

Wrap up (and a word of warning)

Video isn’t a silver bullet for landing pages. It isn’t simply a case of adding one and watching as the sales roll in.

For landing pages to be effectively boosted by videos, the content needs to be the best you can produce. That means it should talk specifically about the benefits on offer for customers and give them a clear reason to buy.

Spend plenty of time on your landing page videos and they’ll pay you back handsomely with a much higher conversion rate.