Online video continues to dominate mobile markets according to a recent report from ZenithOptimedia. Zenith state with the current statistics, the average time spent watching videos online globally will rise to one hour per day, more than half of those views on a mobile device.

Media TV with colour bars on screen

Additionally, advertising group Publicis, predicted television online viewing will be at its highest this year, but declining thereafter for the first time. As a result the next 12 months will see mobile devices take an uncontested first place in the online video war.

More people in the UK now access the internet via smartphones and tablets than via PCs, said Joseph Evans of Ender Analysis, “Mobile devices already account for more than half of all time spent online. So, a growing share of entertainment is being consumed on these pocket TV sets.”

Mobile Phone with social media Video player

Joseph continued, saying that Google analytics data shows half of all YouTube video requests come from mobile. While TV does still account for the vast majority, its features still fall considerably far behind when compared to mobile and tablet offerings.

Johnathan Bararnard, head of forecasting at Publicis said, “It is also a matter of supply. A lot of broadcasters know that online is where the growth is. They know that young people are spending time on mobile devices and advertisers want to concentrate on them.”

Summarizing the report results. Mobile video viewing will rise by an estimated 34.8% in 2016, during which desktop consumption will grow continuously, albeit much slower than its small screen counterpart. Contrasting the former, traditional television viewing will shrink, only increasing by 1.9% and just by 0.9% the following year.