A recent report has been provided by Nielsen, showing an astonishing increase in online video streaming statistics. Their ‘Total Audience Report’ (formally Cross Platform Report) shows online video streaming viewers have been growing at a rate of 60% per month this month, however TV has come down by around 4%.

While this might seem like TV is losing the battle, they still average about 141 hours watched each month, with online only hitting about 11 hours. With the online trend increasing at this rate however TV could be setup to be forgotten in all of 3 years. This may be due to the vast and more varied amount of content available online to anyone with a stable internet connection.

Kids playing on tablets watching media

This fast growing trend shows that soon traditional television companies will have to change strategies in open competition to keep advertisers on board. User driven experiences are more widely available on the online market, with smart phones and tablets allowing users to watch uninterrupted programmes whenever they want or can. Further proof that an online foothold will be all the more essential for business growth and marketing.